How Perkins+Will Operationalized VR & Increased Design Efficiency

Learn how this ENR Top 50 design firm improved design processes and workflows using immersive technology.

Even though architecture and design firms have embraced VR technology, there are still challenges to overcome with implementation and adoption within the organization.

The design technology team at Perkins+Will has been exploring and mastering VR for building design since 2016 – proving it to be an invaluable tool in their process. With over 12 years of architectural experience and 10+ years of design technology experience, Justin Benjamin has led the charge on immersive technology at Perkins+Will. 

In this 45 minute webinar, Justin will review practical but impressive uses of VR, workflows used in the design process, and tactics he used to increase VR adoption within the firm. You'll walk away with strategies you can utilize immediately when back at your office.

Register for the webinar to learn:

  • How to implement VR workflows into the design process without creating distractions
  • Tips & tricks to increase adoption (and decrease training time!) for project managers and designers 
  • Real world examples of how VR improved the design process and client satisfaction on various large-scale projects 




Justin Benjamin, Design Applications Manager, Perkins+Will

With 13 years of experience in the AEC industry (the past 5 years with Perkins+Will), Justin has focused primarily on innovation & integration of varying design applications relating to all phases of design and construction. Familiar with all types of clients in integrating project models and data within their organizations, Justin has come to acquire extensive expertise in Building Information Modeling and Computer-aided Facility Management systems.




Ailyn Mendoza, Director of Customer Experience, IrisVR

Ailyn is the Director of Customer Experience (CX) at IrisVR, functioning as the liaison between users and the engineering team to develop features, case studies and educational materials. Prior to joining IrisVR, Ailyn worked at various internationally recognized firms leading initiatives, involving project design, acquisition, marketing and construction administration. She holds a post-professional degree from the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University and has 8 years of practice within AEC.