[Webinar] How to Build an Enterprise VR Workstation For Your AEC Firm

Everything You Need to Consider Before Building an Enterprise VR Workstation.

With so many computer options on the market - and new headsets being released every few months - it can be hard to know what configuration is best for your needs.

In this 45 minute webinar, William George, Puget Systems’ Lab Technician, and Ailyn Mendoza, IrisVR’s Director of Customer Experience, will walk you through everything you need to know for building an enterprise VR workstation at your firm. You'll walk away with strategies you can utilize immediately when back at your office.

Register for this webinar to learn:

  • Key requirements for setting up a VR-ready computer 
  • Selecting the right VR hardware for your firm + next generation VR hardware you should be aware of 
  • How to budget for Virtual Reality in 2019 without wasting resources & how to pull it off with a limited budget
  • The biggest mistakes everyone makes when setting up a VR workstation and how to avoid them 
  • Tips & tricks for setting up a nausea-free VR system


William George

William George, Lab Technician, Puget Systems

William’s career with Puget Systems began in 2005 in Inventory and Assembly. He worked in Sales and Consulting for nine years, helping customers configure and purchase their systems. In 2017, William moved into Labs, where he researches the applications our customers use, testing them on various types of computer hardware, and publishing articles and system recommendations.




Ailyn Mendoza

Ailyn Mendoza, Director of Customer Experience, IrisVR

Ailyn is the Director of Customer Experience (CX) at IrisVR, functioning as the liaison between users and the engineering team to develop features, case studies and educational materials. Prior to joining IrisVR, Ailyn worked at various internationally recognized firms leading initiatives, involving project design, acquisition, marketing and construction administration. She holds a post-professional degree from the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University and has 8 years of practice within AEC.